Reap the Many Benefits

of Converting to Solar Power

The benefits of moving to solar power are tremendous. From saving on the rising cost of electricity to federal tax credits, the ability to earn money by selling solar credits, and helping the planet.


With Sunbum Solar you can cut your electricity bill by 100% and save money while owning your power.

Benefits of Converting to Solar Power

Energy Bill Savings

Solar power allows you to save up to 100% on your power bill.

Federal Tax Credits

Claim 26% of the total cost of your solar system installation.

Sell Solar Credits

Earn money by selling Solar Renewable Energy Credits.

Property Tax Exemption

The installation of your solar system may be eligible for a property tax exemption.

Increase Property Values

Investing in solar power can potentially increase your property value by 4%.

Low Carbon Footprint

Solar power has one of the lowest carbon footprints. Investing in solar also helps the planet.

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Solar Panels Installed

Our solar providers install the latest solar technology on your property. No out of pocket cost required.

Step 3

Financial Benefits

Save thousands of dollars on power costs and own your utility bill.


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